Maxam was founded in October 2006 as the sole distributer of Heineken beer in Kenya.  Initially, Heineken had been introduced in Kenya in 2004 but had not realized the expected growth of this Brand until Maxam partnered with them.

In 2011 along with Heineken International, we grew the business beyond the Kenyan borders and established the brand’s presence in the rest of the East African region. Maxam’s partnership with Heineken was then extended to Tanzania and Uganda in 2012 and new distribution resources were established in the additional geographies.

After that, we at Maxam saw the opportunity to widen our offering to include other beverage products. We pivoted to a wider range of brands and options for our customers, which has created partnerships that will stand the test of time in the region!

Today, Warsteiner Premium beer is our flagship brand and as with all our products we are committed to making it the Number 1 imported premium beer in the region!