Our Italian Wines Brand

Le Posie Pinot Grinot

The young crisp variety has good acidity is great with sea foods. This wine is also especially good with chicken, veal and pork and is a perfect accompaniment to light pasta dishes with either fish or cream sauces.

Enjoy well chilled.



Le Posie Cabernet Sauvignon

An impressively-structured, ruby-red wine with crisp fragrances of wild red berry fruit.  Le Posie Cabernet Sauvignon a variety long cultivated in the Veneto region.

It is ideal with full-flavored dishes of wild game, with roasts and with boiled meats.



Rocca Alata Bardolino Classico

Rocca Alata Bardolino is sourced from grapes of the classic Bardolino growing zone.

The wine shows a rich bouquet of wild strawberry and cherry, with subtle hints of fresh greens and spice.

Crisp and full-flavored, it is ideally paired with meat-sauced pastas, vegetable flans, and chicken.