Our French Wine Brand

JP Chenet Sauvignon

with Freshness
A highly aromatic, very light wine

Vin de France
AROMAS: Aromas of citrus fruit, lemon and grapefruit
COLOUR: Golden with greenish hints
SUGGESTION: A delicious fish dish
SERVE AT: 8-10°C.

JP Chenet Sparkling Brut

Delicate BUBBLES
Crisp elegance is on the programme tonight

Sparkling Wine
AROMAS: Fruity aromas with notes of white peach and apricot.
COLOUR: Golden with delicate bubbles
SUGGESTION: Enjoy an aperitif as you gaze at the stars…
SERVE AT: 6-8°C.

JP Chenet Cabernet Syrah

On your table
A perfect balance, an intensely fruity wine with a silky body

Pays d’Oc IGP
AROMAS: Aromas of cherry and blackcurrant, a touch of liquorice and peppery notes
COLOUR: Ruby red, strong and clear
SUGGESTION: For a meal with friends, with good meat or cheeses
SERVE AT: 16-18°C.

JP Chenet Cinsault Grenache

A sunny, refreshing rosé

Pays d’Oc IGP
AROMAS: Aromas of fresh red fruit such as strawberry
COLOUR: Pale, brilliant pink
SUGGESTION: Lunch on the terrace with a variety of tapas
SERVE AT: 8-10°C.



JP Chenet Brandy

NOBLE Origins
The expression of our family expertise, which began with Joseph’s father, René Helfrich, the first exporter of French brandy.

French Brandy
AROMAS: Complex, warm, subtly woody flavours with a very smooth palate
COLOUR: Golden amber
SUGGESTION: For an aperitif, to drink neat, on the rocks or in your favourite cocktail

JP Chenet Merlot

A supple, mature wine, well-rounded and smooth

Pays d’Oc IGP
AROMAS: Aromas of red and black fruit such as cherry, raspberry and blackcurrant
COLOUR: Garnet red
SUGGESTION: A selection of cold meats, roast chicken and vegetables…
SERVE AT: 15-17°C.